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Discraft Reaper- Fairway Driver: Speed 8 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2.5


The Discraft Reaper (not to be confused with the Undertaker) is a control driver that was discontinued in 2012. It has been brought back in limited releases by Ledgestone and Infinite Discs over the years. The Reaper was discontinued before being given official flight numbers and as such we've given them numbers based on a rough guestimate. They're not the meathook driver of old, they're more straight flying with a healthy dose of fade at the end. Very workable.


The Reaper has a rounded bottom edge that's very comfortable as well as grip strip on part of the inner rim for more traction.

2022 Ledgestone Big Z Reaper

€25.90 Regular Price
€19.43Sale Price