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Løft Discs Hydrogen Putter: Speed 1 | Glide 2 | Turn 0 | Fade 0


Hydrogen is a beadless putter with a rounded edge and a very unique flight. Its design has been optimized with our one-of-a-kind flight path simulator to fly as straight as possible while still having a regular shape, a small diameter and a smooth grip. It will hold any line you put it on, giving “point and shoot” a whole new meaning - both for putting and throwing.

With such an honest flight, this disc is also a great tool for learning to control your angles as well as general form.

All discs weighs between 173-175g.


α-Solid is our go-to premium plastic, and it is developed with throwing in mind. It is slightly gummy, has a shiny finish, superb grip and great durability, so you can trust that the disc will not change drastically in stability for the first many tree hits. The appearance is opaque, and the colors appear very vivid in this material.

Løft Discs Hydrogen Putter Alpha Solid

€20.90 Regular Price
€14.63Sale Price
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