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Ript Revenge is the ultimate card game to play on the Disc Golf Course!

Play this type of Skins match with 2-4 players.

Each hole is worth 1 Skin (point). You can collect these points by being the only one to get the lowest score on that hole. If at least two players have the same lowest score on a hole, the point moves to the next hole. The points are then passed on until someone is the only one who has the lowest score on a hole.


The player with the most Skins (points) at the end of the course has of course won!


By using the Ript Revenge game cards you can make it extra difficult for each other! For example, with the game cards you can force a player to put a driver or throw with his wrong arm. This way everyone gets the chance to win at once!


It's a hilarious to play this game!

Ript Revenge Card Game

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