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Discraft Buzzz - Midrange: Mid-Range: Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1 | Stability 0.5


By purchasing a Tour Series disc, you support Robbert in his disc golf career. 


Please note: Colors of the disc and print may vary. Feel free to ask about the available colors.


The Buzzz is the most popular midrange available in disc golf. This is due to the disc's consistent performance and versatility, suitable for many players and playing styles. The Buzzz has a low profile and has enough stability to rely on. With the Buzzz you can throw controlled, straight lines.


Description stamp:
In the background there are roses, this represents love for nature in which we can practice our beautiful sport and love in general. In front of it you see a V sign, the veterans logo, which represents the veterans who serve and have served our country, including myself as an actively serving soldier. The basket with two wasps represents the start of Team Disctinct. The characteristic wasps represent the Discraft brand that Disctinct started with and sketch Ernst and myself at the moment at basket hole 4 in Immerloo, the moment he announced that he was starting a team and I was the first.

Robbert Heek Tour Series SuperColor ESP Buzzz

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