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Hilde Goorhorst

Team Disctinct disc golf

Player Info

Dutch Champion FPO 2022
Age: 22

Favorite Disc: Discraft Stalker
Motto: Every great throw is worth cheering
Favorite Course: Immerloo Park (Arnhem) 
PDGA Number: #185583
Idols: Kristin Tattar, Calvin Heimburg, Chris Dickerson and Fleur Verberk

Hilde Goorhorst

Why Disc Golf

The first time Tom asked me to play disc golf, I initially didn't want to go. Because let's be honest, what could be fun about throwing a frisbee into a basket..and it was freezing cold outside too! Eventually he persuaded me and Fleur to come. After that one round, I completely fell in love with the sport. Turns out watching discs fly, was a lot of fun! Every weekend Tom and I went back to play and each time we got a bit better! It was so cool to notice we were getting better in a pretty short time. 

People often ask me “Hilde, don't you bored playing the same course over and over again?”. Nope! Disc golf is so versatile and each time I can try to hit different lines or try out new discs, besides from perfecting my game. Also, every round something incredibly cool or something mega stupid happens. You learn from this. It's wonderful to play a round with people, who have now really become friends. Taking a break and completely relaxing and having fun, because that's what I think is most important when practicing a sport. Enjoying other people's throws and nice puts. Going home at the end of the day with a satisfied feeling and of course talking about that really stupid put or about that phenomenal throw.


For me, disc golf has really become a passion!

My Bag

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