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Team Disctinct

Player Info

Age: 31
Favorite Disc: Discraft Esp Zeus & Kastaplast K3 Kaxe Z
Motto: Play against the course, not your opponent
Favorite Course: Immerloo Park (Arnhem) & Disc Golf Course Heerenveen
PDGA Number: # 148183
Idols: Paul McBeth, Paige Pierce, Nate Sexton, Ricky Wysocki, Simon Lizotte

Maikel Niks

Why Disc Golf

Disc Golf came into my life by accident. Tom, a friend of mine, was working in the Sloterpark in Amsterdam where he found a yellow driver. When he showed me where he found the disc (in a basket, it immediately caught my attention as I have always had a thing for throwing sports. That same evening we immersed ourselves in Disc Golf by watching YouTube videos of Paul, Ricky, Nate, James and especially Simon Lizotte. Since then my enthusiasm and drive to be able to throw a disc far and precisely has only grown.


Because of Disc Golf I got to meet a lot of new people so you notice how much passion is involved in this sport. Disc Golf brings so much positivity and togetherness, which motivates me to commit myself to this and to let the sport grow! The mentality that prevails is very contagious and the support both among the disc golfers and people who watch from the sidelines is great! For me, disc golf ensures that you can forget everything around you, the feeling of freedom for my choices and believe in them. Also the ones that hit the first available tree...

This is in my bag

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